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                   The EDC Skin Care Program

If your skin is a problem, begin with our Candida Solutions and use this program to support and speed the healing of your entire body.

  1.  CLEANSING: Cleanse your face twice daily with EDC Cleansing Gel. Using it in the shower you will find that a few drops will cover your entire body – feels good, smells good, does not remove moisture, leaves you clean and feeling good.

  2. EXFOLIATING: If you are over 30 exfoliate daily with EDC Exfoliating Cream. Up until we are in our mid to late 20’s our facial skin is replaced every 28 days. After 30 this process begins to slow and add a week per year to this replacement process. You do the math. By the time you are 50 you have a layer of dead skin piling up on your face. Men have found the solution to this. They shave and shaving removes the dead skin. Have you noticed that they often look younger than we do? Exfoliating keeps our skin vibrant and free of those dead cells. Many exfoliants are harsh and damage the skin. Not EDC’s. Try it. You’ll like the results. Remember to include your neck. We recommend exfoliating at bedtime so your skin can breathe and work freely while you sleep.

  3.  HYDRATION: After washing your face, spritz your face and neck with EDC Hydrating Mist. It protects and refreshes and gives you a wake up call or feeling of freshness.

  4. MOISTURIZING: EDC Moisturizer is an antifungal moisturizing cream sufficient for locking moisture in youthful skin. A water based product, which does not make the skin oily.

  5. DEEP TREATMENTS: Rejuva Serum and Rejuva Cream form a healing duo for damaged, weathered or vintage skin. Smooth it on instead of moisturizer. Remember to include your neck.

 These 4 or 5 steps along with the Candida Diet Guidelines will return your skin to health and vibrancy.

Check your present products at ‘skin-deep’ -  Google them for toxic levels or use muscle testing to determine their effectiveness for you.

All EDC products calibrate at 800/1000 or higher while other’s products calibrate at 300 or less. Anything less than 200 is having a detrimental effect (Power vs. Force by Dr David Hawkin)