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                  About Our Skin

Our skin is the cover of our book. It provides a picture of what is happening inside our body.

When it is oily it is drawing our attention to over-activity of certain organs. When it is dry, it tells the story of dehydration, internal tightness, and often reveals digestive issues such as constipation.

Over sweating with little activity occurs when we are concerned about our ability to perform to a certain standard, ours or others. Rashes and acne are a signal that the body has an overload of toxins and are the body’s effort to let go of toxins through the skin. Rosacea is a common sign of toxic overload. Cold or hot hands and feet give other specific clues to internal stress.

If your skin is trying to get your attention turn to our Candida Diet Guidelines and do the 2 week antifungal program.

Beauty Really is Skin Deep

Continue to follow the steps to rid your body of parasites – you heard me. We do not talk about them much in our society but they are prevalent and certainly impact your health and skin.

Most skin care products are not only highly toxic but also prevent the skin from communicating with us. Some products actually drive the toxins deeper into our bodies. When this happens we start to feel less and less well as we have interfered in our body’s attempts to clear the toxins and let us know that something is hindering our normal healthy processes.

While you clear the toxins in your body, the EDC Skin Care Program support your skin from the outside in without suppressing the body’s ability to heal.