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Enzyme Based ~  Non-Toxic ~ Bio-Degradable

Developed in Vancouver, Canada in 1989, Pink Solution  is a proprietary formula that cleans with enzymes rather than with harsh abrasive chemicals. 

It leaves no harmful residue so it is safe around children and pets. It has absolutely no fumes and is soft to the skin, so no gloves are necessary.

Just melt Pink Solution in hot (but not boiling) water at a ratio of 1 round tablespoon per gallon of water for light jobs, and 2/3 of a cup per gallon of water for tough jobs.

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Fiberglass, Tiles & Grout, Shower curtains, Marble, Porcelain – Using the white wet Teflon scrub sponge apply full strength and let sit one hour or leave overnight and rinse. For extremely bad areas, melt and apply hot with scrub sponge, let sit for one hour, wipe clean with sponge and clear water. Repeat if necessary.

Spot Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery - Apply heavy mix and let sit for 2 minutes, wipe dry with terry cloth. CHECK FOR COLOUR FAST. Will remove all stains except rust, permanent dye and paint. Some food products now contain a permanent dye. For heavier stains apply full strength with a very wet terry washcloth then rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a dry terry towel. Repeat if necessary. FOR CARPET CLEANING, FOLLOW MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATIONS.

Steam Cleaners - 1 cup heavy mix in shampoo machine. No defoamers, spot removers, or deodorizers are required. For heavy stained areas use full strength with a very wet cloth, rinse thoroughly, dry with terry cloth. ALWAYS CHECK MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATIONS AND ALWAYS CHECK FOR COLOUR FAST FIRST. For a Bissell, use 250ml (1 cup) of heavy mix to 4 litres of water.

Windows and Mirrors – Use light solution, spray on and wipe off. If streaking occurs solution is too strong, dilute with boiling water. For outside windows, hose or wet surface. Use full strength out of bucket with sponge or cloth, and thoroughly rinse off. No drying required if not used in direct sunlight.

Auto Windshields – Use light solution. In winter, mix with winter auto windshield fluid. Fireplace and Glass Doors – Use full strength directly from bucket using a small stiff brush. Let sit 30 minutes, spray with clear water or wipe off with wet sponge. For heavy areas, allow to soak longer.

Driveways – Wet surface, apply full strength with a stiff brush. Let sit one hour, rebrush and rinse off. For heavy stained areas, mix one gallon of heavy solution with one gallon of liquid bleach with one gallon of hot water. Pour on driveway, let sit one hour and rinse.

Pressure Washers – Mix 480ml (2 cups) of cleaner to 45 litres (10 gallons) of water. Spray on surface, let sit 20 minutes and rinse off.

Autos, Boats, RV’s, Canvas – Use full strength as a paste with sponge rinse with clear water. For vinyl interiors use heavy spray. For vinyl roofs, apply full strength with wet sponge or brush, and then rinse with hose. For tires, use full strength with Teflon sponge then rinse.

Clothes and Wet fabric - Apply directly from container. Briskly run cleaner into fabric, let sit 30 minutes and wash. For heavy stains, let sit over night. Check for colour fast and check manufacturer’s labels.

Gum, Candle Wax, Tar – Wet area, apply directly from container, let sit one hour. Use comb to gently scratch the spot towards the center. Rinse out with clear water.

Furniture, Antiques, Cabinets, Painted Surfaces – Apply light solution and wipe dry. To remove old waxes and oils, use full strength, let sit 5 minutes then wipe dry.

Floors, No-wax, Vinyl, Linoleum, and Wood – Wash with heavy solution in hot water to remove old wax buildup. For no-wax floors, use 1/3 cup (80 ml) to 1 gallon (4.5 litres) water. For rubber heel marks, apply full strength let sit 20 minutes, then rinse.

Hand Cleaner – As a hand cleaner, use 1 part PS to 10 parts water. To protect your hands, before you start work use small amount full strength as a lotion and let dry. This acts as a silicone glove so that dirt cannot penetrate the skin.

Shampoo (for pets and livestock) – Use heavy solution.

Bugs on Windshield – Spray heavy solution, let sit 10 minutes wipe dry (best results if done in shade). If necessary use full strength with sponge, let sit 20 minutes and rinse.

Antifog Windows, Mirrors, and Plexiglas – Apply directly from bucket using a wet sponge. Let sit 5 minutes and buff dry. Streaking may occur, if so spray with light solution and wipe dry.

Hot Tubs & Pools –Apply full strength directly from bucket using a white Teflon sponge. Let sit, rinse into pool. Does not hurt PH balance, is harmless and non-toxic. For filters, immerse overnight in heavy solution then rinse thoroughly.

Bilges – Pour in 1 gallon heavy solution. Let sit one hour then pump overboard.

RV’s and Boat Holding Tanks – Pour 1 gallon heavy solution into the toilet bowl, swirl around with toilet brush to clean bowl, then release into tank. As you drive, PS will clean and help deodorize tanks.

Laundry – 1 cup heavy mix per load of wash. 2 cups if very soiled.

Lawn Mowers & Bicycle Chains – Spray with heavy solution. Let sit and rinse off.

Jewelry Cleaner – fill jam jar with heavy solution. Soak jewelry for 30 minutes. Rinse and dry.

Skis – Apply full strength to bottoms. Let sit 30 minutes. Wipe with wet cloth. This will remove old wax.