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Enzyme Based ~  Non-Toxic ~ Bio-Degradable

Like Pink Solution, Mother's Choice was also developed in Vancouver, Canada in 1989.

As a more concentrated formula than Pink Solution,  it is meant for heavy duty cleaning or spot treating challenging problems such as ink and rust. 

Simply use the special sponge with the Teflon scrub side or scrub pad with water. Create foam in the sponge and apply.

  RETAIL (12 oz. container) $15 CDN    MEMBERS SAVE $4  


Mother's Choice is not to be underestimated! It will clean everything from stains, to bathrooms and ovens, and will bring a shine to anything you clean with absolutely no left over residues. There is no need for gloves, and yet is the most potent product on the market.

Best of all it is the most economical product on the market . . . with a little going a long, long way. Mother's Choice is safe for children and pets and good for your septic tank and field. Try it and you will never go back to chemicals. The environment will “Thank You!”

Use on Brass or Copper - provided they have a non-lacquer finish.

Tile and Grout, Bath Tubs, Sinks, Toilets - NOT recommended on silver showers.

Porcelain, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Aluminum – Removes marks, soil and rust. On shiny surfaces buff with a dry cloth after cleaning to bring up the shine.  

In the Kitchen – Ovens, Burner rings on top of the stove, Cookware (Pyrex and Corning ware), Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers. NOTE: Works best in ovens and on cook wear when the surface is still warm. Use Teflon coated sponge pads (white nylon on one side), or scouring pads recommended for non-stick surfaces. For delicate surfaces use with a damp cloth.

Scuffmarks on vinyl floors, marks on vinyl upholstery.

Painted walls - removes soil, greasy fingerprints and crayon, ink and  permanent marker.

Other areas – Use on many surfaces from aluminum doors and window frames to Mag wheels, rust or chrome bumpers, rust or marks on paint (i.e. cars, trucks, RVs, boats and planes).