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How To Tell If You Need To Cleanse the
GI Tract of Toxic Waste Accumulation

If this is your first exposure to this kind of information and you have never done a GI Tract  cleanse before, perhaps you are confused about whether this step is right for you.

In this regard, we offer you two suggestions:

Firstly, as 80% of North Americans have Candida or some form of yeast infection at any given time, take the online Candida test. If the presence of Candida is indicated you need to use the D365 Detoxification Program. We would also recommend that you follow our Candida Diet Guidelines.

Secondly,  if more than one of these other conditions applies to you, then it is time to do the D365 Detoxification Program.

  • Excess weight gain / hard to take off
  • General Fatigue & Malaise
  • Poor Digestion / Indigestion
  • Bloating, Gas, Belly Paunch (protrusion)
  • Food Allergies / Food Cravings
  • Bad breath /and/or Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Foul stools and/or parasites in stools
  • Frequent Constipation
  • Hemorrhoids or Fissures
  • Irritated Bowel Syndrome
  • Odd discomfort on the front of the body on either side just  under the pelvis
  • Frequent colds and flu
  • Out of sorts emotionally, moody
  • Migraines or recurring headaches
  • Acne, rashes or other skin disorders
  • Nail fungus


We recommend that you use the D365 14 Day Detoxification Program at least once a year. However, for  ultimate protection and optimum function of the entire GI Tract, you would perform this cleanse every six months.

The product is simple to use and has very little taste!

  1. If you are using D365 as a stand alone product:   3 times each day, squeeze 35 drops (one dropper full)  into an 8 oz. glass of purified water and drink.
  2. If you are using D365 in conjunction with RF2: Add 1 teaspoon to your D365 and purified water mixture and drink. This will remove the heavy metals and rejuvenate the body by replenishing essential minerals such as Chromium and Selenium.

    The Fulvic Acid in RF2 will nullify the effects of any rogue molecules present in the GI Tract. Carrying both a positive and a negative charge (bi-directional) it can donate an electron when needed or accept one when needed, making it "The Super Antioxidant."   

During this two-week cleanse, stop the intake of dairy foods and meat (mostly red meat) Maximize high fiber foods such as salads and raw fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water - preferably warm with lemon or lime. Get extra rest and try to go for a walk every day.

How You Will Know the Cleanse Is Working

If you are like 90% to 95% of the population, you have an unwelcome excess of negative anaerobic bacteria in your GI Tract, so when you take D365 you will notice:

  • An increase in energy as the negative bacteria are no longer absorbing the available nutrients in your body

  • Mental Clarity

Additional Uses of D365

  1. Travel protection: If you feel “uncomfortable” in your G.I. tract area while traveling in foreign countries or just after arriving home, take ½ a dropper of D365  in water twice a day for five days. Mini-cleanse. Upon completion, use 2 teaspoons of RF2 daily.
  2. Food poisoning
  3. Colds, sore throat: Gargle ½ a dropper in 2 oz. of water 3 X a day
  4. Flu Symptoms:  Gargle as above and plus take ½ dropper internally in water three times daily, for three to four days  - or until symptoms disappear.
  5. Gingivitis: Rinse mouth with ½ dropper in 30 ml (1 oz.). Rinse for one minute daily.
  6. Ear Infections: Heat D365 bottle in lukewarm water and apply (undiluted) to ear while lying on side before nap or bedtime. Place cotton in ear before sleep.
  7. Toothbrush:  Apply directly to toothbrush.
  8. Vegetable Wash: Put ½ dropper in a pot full of lukewarm water and rinse your vegetables before cooking or refrigeration.
  9. General Kitchen Use: Add ½ dropper to one ounce of water (30 ml) to wipe down cutting boards.


Neither Health Canada nor the FDA has evaluated these statements. This information is provided for general educational purposes only, and the products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.