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"The interest in the use of
probiotics for the purpose of
maintaining health and
preventing and treating
disease has exploded over
the last few years!"

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ProBiotic Reference Materials

Why Do We Get Sick So Often?

We've all heard the saying "Death Begins in the Colon." Then it should come as no surprise that many alternative doctors believe that a disrupted ecology of the gastrointestinal tract may be at the heart of up to 90% of all known human illness and disease.

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Common Germ Tied to Headaches

Adding the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus seemed to work even better, leaving most people migraine-free for a year and lessening the intensity and frequency of recurring headaches in the others, the lead researcher said. Experts were cautiously receptive to the idea but said the findings were too tentative to draw any firm conclusions.

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ProBiotics and PreBiotics

 At the turn of the century, Ilya Metchnikoff suggested that the consumption of live microbes in fermented milk products to maintain this balance between pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria may be, at least in part, an explanation for why certain ethnic groups lived longer.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patients with CFS "look" normal, and their routine laboratory tests are normal as well. (More specialized tests are not.) Medical textbooks have been slow to catch on to the fact that you have to dig deeper in order to find the abnormalities. However, the following are now well-established, measurable abnormalities that can be found in many CFS patients . . .

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Gut Dysfunctions Unleash Bacterial Toxins Into Circulation

Toxic overload in the body - triggered by increased intestinal permeability and an imbalanced microflora in the gut - may be a precipitating factor that triggers and drives Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), according to a new review study.

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