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About EDC Wellness Corporation
Meet the President

The founder and President of EDC Wellness Corporation is Geoff Bidewell.

Geoff has owned and operated several businesses since his graduation from the College of Pharmacy in Saskatchewan in 1972, and the purchase of a drugstore he worked in as a teenager, launched him on his business career that same year. For the next 32 years, he would own two drugstores, twelve carpet stores and a drapery store.

In the early 90's, Geoff became interested in alternative medicine and to see how the medical field had changed, Geoff decided to study and work in Pharmacology again and re-instated his license.

Geoff Bidewell

After two years he decided he did not like the "drug" approach and moved back into alternative medicine becoming the V.P. Marketing for an alternative health company selling to drugstores and Doctors across Canada. Geoff taught Doctors and Pharmacists about the 60 alternative products sold by that company; and he trained sales people and employees in alternative health stores as well.

In 2004, Geoff collaborated with a Canadian product formulator and developed the first 12 products that would become EDC 's opening line-up. EDC opened for business in June of 2004, selling products to members only in what has become a wholesale buying club. All marketing is done by word-of-mouth, as the concept is to bring the highest quality products to people who need them. By using member based marketing, there is almost no overhead. This enables EDC to continue to grow because the products are effective and members ask their friends to try them.

The addition of more products over the years has been inspired by the members as they are encouraged to contribute to product innovation. Geoff is satisfied that EDC has accomplished all the goals he set for it. Give members better products at lower prices and listen to the members' needs and concerns.

The future will see more people becoming part of the membership and more people living longer healthier lives due to the EDC products. If you would like to learn more, become a member or just chat about health in general, please call Geoff at (604) 562-7565.

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